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    What is RSS?

    RSS symbol is RSS feed

    I’m pretty sure you have seen it before on many websites and probably were wondering what is it for.

    RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is one of possibilities of subcribing to website. It informs you about news and new entries on website. It’s much more easier to use then newsletter and moreover it neither spams your e-mail inbox nor requires your e-mail address to use it. RSS brings to your browser window only title, title and excerpt or full news (here there will be a title and an excerpt). You don’t need to check on your favorite websites anymore everyday to find out if something new appeared. If there is anything new – RSS reader will let you know.

    To read news via RSS you need to have RSS Reader installed. There is bunch of them out there and here are few the most popular listed:

    To subscribe to our website click on “Subscribe via RSS”. You will see not really user friendly screen but important is an address in a browser toolbar -> http://www.friedhofcosel.info/rss2.xml. You need to copy it and paste to adequate window in your RSS reader (“Add Subscription” or “Add RSS channel”). And that’s all.

    For all of you who prefer to watch how RSS works I do recommend this short movie “RSS in Plain English”.